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Open Your Own Laser Game Center

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Another way to learn … Fun Games for a fun school!

Our interactive entertaining and educational games programs promote comprehension and retention, combining learning with fun…

LASER GAME_MOVE is a perfect fun activity to bring smiles to the whole class. It keeps you fit, encourages team building skills, develops hand and eye co-ordination and allows students to build strategies to play a successful mission.

LASER GAME_MOVE is an exhilarating PORTABLE/MOBILE high-tech action packed Laser tag gaming that you can experience anytime ..anywhere.

As an alternative to traditional sports, LASER GAME educational games are a great way to nurture and develop many important life skills in an environment that children will definitely love.

With a LASER GAME school activity experience your students will:

  • Be provided with a physical and mental workout that will have them running around while making them think on their feet
  • Get to face on-the-field tests of strategy
  • Experience a naturally exciting and mentally stimulating range of game scenarios
  • Develop leadership, team work and self confidence
  • Get an introduction to the fascinating world of laser light and the history of labyrinth.

“The quest for Knowledge is no ordinary field trip.  LASER GAME experience promise to be one of a kind, informative and fun filled for both you and your students.”

Indoor international adventurous gaming experience now brought to your place!

Call us to organize a fun-filled action-packed Laser game session at your School premises ..

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