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Laser Game vs. Paintball

You are still wondering if you should go for Laser Game or paintball… Here are some inputs which will help you choose…

  1. LASER GAME is the 1st Laser Game arena of Delhi; it is a unique high tech experience which has surely never been played before by any of your friends, colleagues or relatives… Dare to be different!
  2. Paintball hurts; the bullets often leave bruises which need sometimes 3 weeks to go away. Laser Game is absolutely harmless, forget about the pain and enjoy at 200% all the thrill, fun and adrenaline of the game
  3. Paintball is known to be a boy game due to the physical conditions which it requires. Meanwhile anyone from 7 to 107 can play laser tag. Bring your friends, your family, your colleagues and have an event which will become the talk of the town!
  4. Laser Game provide a much wider range of game (Individual, team-play, vampire…) while Paintball is only one of a kind
  5. At LASER GAME you do not have to pay for extra bullets, you can shoot as much as you want, everybody plays for the same time, you are not eliminated once you are done with your bullets
  6. Laser Game is an high tech game, it provides you with the exact scoring and accuracy at the end of the game while Paintball cannot. Furthermore this eradicates cheating from the game (if you get hit, there is no denying it)
  7. You are fond of tactic and strategy? Laser Game is for you… it allows you to plan your line of attacks positioning your team at the right labyrinth corners, taking into account the strength and weakness of each player, organize a defense stratagem, create communication tools…
  8. During a Paintball game you are often facing the problem of drifting in the wind. Playing laser Game your accuracy becomes much better and can be analyzed.
  9. A real game of paintball should be played outside in a large field, this means long drive, heat in summer and strong logistic (unless you enjoy playing in the tinypaintball arenas of the shopping malls…). Laser Game brings the game right in the city center, providing a fully air conditioned state-of-the-art arena.
  10. Last but not least laser Game is cheaper. At LASER GAME one game is charged Rs.210/- only while a paintball session with 100 bullets costs between Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1,000/-

So…. Still hesitating?

Dare to play!

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