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LASER GAME proposes a range of different fun and exciting laser tag missions adapted to all sort of players: kids to adults, beginners to advanced, birthday party to corporate party…

  • Different games and interests

– FEC TAG – The standard game type, Delta Strike’s classic laser tag. Players are divided into two teams, and must move around the arena tagging players of the other colour. Base stations will drop 30 second rapid fire power-up.

– FEC ONE SHOT – Similar to FEC Tag, FEC One Shot is exactly the same except without the shield. This results in a much faster game, ideal for slightly more experienced players. Arena components remain the same as in FEC Tag.

– FEC FREE FOR ALL – FEC Free For All is a variation of FEC Tag.
FEC Free For All is just like FEC Tag, except for one thing – it’s every man or woman for themselves!
The absence of teams keeps players on their toes.

– FEC ONE SHOT FREE FOR ALL – FEC One Shot Free For All is a combination of FEC One Shot, and FEC Free For All. With a low shield, it’s everybody versus everybody. Be careful – one accurate shot and you’re tagged!

– AGENTS FEC – Agents FEC is one of the most popular specialty games. All players start on one team (Blue), and spread out into the arena. Shortly after the game begins, a small percentage of players are randomly selected and changed to Gold Team. They are then given 50 points for every 5 seconds that they remain Gold. Gold players can tag Blue players in an effort to defend themselves, but if a Blue player tags a Gold one, they “steal” the Gold colour. The Gold player will switch back to Blue and cease earning points, while the Blue player will become Gold and start earning points. The game continues to play until the time limit is reached, the player who remains Gold for the longest will earn the most points and win.

– HUNTER FEC – Hunter Energy is the most basic form of the Hunter game types. Players use a very slow firing, but powerful (one shot tag) weapon, and must hunt down the other players and tag them without getting tagged themselves. The trick to this game is tagging the opponent on the first shot – with the 5 second delay between shots, there isn’t time for another.

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