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Testimonial of Mohit about his gaming experience during the corporate venue of E-Tech at LASERGAME.IN. What an amazing team building exercise they had!

“On Saturday, August 18th 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Delhi’s 1st laser tag arena established by Baptiste, my fellow BNI member. The experience was “Awesome”, and there is no doubt that LASERGAME.IN is going to be a big big success here in Delhi. I am going to do my part for it every bit!

My most memorable moment of the game was covertly sneaking behind the enemy, firing, rendering him inactive, and then sneaking back into the dark. The enemy would not even know what happened. I was living a video game. I was special!

Individually, it gives a lot of satisfaction because it’s a game like you have never played before. From the team’s perspective, it is a great team builder. I could see the energy and transformation of Vikas Rajput’s team into a single functioning unit at the end of the game. I also know they are going to take it forward in their daily work routine.

I highly recommend LASERGAME.IN to all Business owners looking to encourage and strengthen team work within their organization. A game of Laser tag can also act as a great reward for achieving targets as it has great pull factor. If you end as a Winner, you want to come back and better your score. If you end on the losing side, you want to have your revenge.

Wishing Baptiste the very best in his amazing endeavor and special thanks for taking extra care during my visit.”

Mohit Goel, Managing Director at Neelam Sales Agency

team building game

team building game