Corporate party

Posted on August 18, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

ALTIOS INTERNATIONAL organized their corporate party at LASERGAME.IN. Menu: Fun, team building, games and healthy competition. What an amazing event!

Abhinav Mishra, Project Manager, Altios International: “We had lot of fun at Laser Games. We were completely engrossed in the games; so much that we didn’t notice time getting over. It was very competitive and strategic. It is a fun way to build team effort. The scorecard is a good reflection of our efforts. All in all, was a great evening for the entire Altios team. Thank you.”

Aarti Gautam, Altios International :Laser Games offers an excellent opportunity to all corporates for a perfect team building activity. The games are fantastic, the staff is very helpful, organised and hospitable. We could not have asked for a better outing for the team than Laser Games. Thanks.”


corporate party laser games

LASERGAME.IN corporate party