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Open Your Own Laser Game Center

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MINIMUM: of 8 players for all Party/Events bookings.

AGE: Minimum age for a party child is 5.

FOOTWEAR: ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR ONLY! LASER GAME will refuse entry to the Laser Game arena if inappropriate footwear is worn. No flip flops, No sandals.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Booking date is confirmed upon a token advance. All balance invoices should be settled upon arrival on the day of the event. Your event will only be guaranteed when the full invoice has been paid. Invoice can be cleared by cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer.

ARENA: There is a maximum of 10 players per Mission within the Laser Game Arena.

GUEST LIST: We need final numbers confirmed. What you confirm is what you pay for. Please ensure you forward us your guest list no later than 5 days prior to the event.

ARRIVAL TIME: We suggest you to invite your guests 15 to 20 mins prior the start of your scheduled event time. All missions must start on time – we are unable to wait for guests who are late or refund any missed missions. What you pay is for the timing you have booked.

PAYMENT: A full single payment is to be made before the event starts.

GAME DURATION: Each mission consists of 10 minutes of actual arena time. For your first mission, there will also be a 10 minutes briefing where LASER GAME staff will explain the operation of the packs and arena devices as well as outlining the safety rules. All together including the briefing/changing time/de-briefing, a whole mission will last about 25 to 30 minutes.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: LASER GAME is not responsible for any loss or dammage of personal belongings.

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