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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Are you looking for a fun activity or fun games to celebrate a Bachelor/Bachelorette party in Delhi ?

LASER GAME will definitely fulfill your expectations! Playing Laser Tag between friends is unforgettable fun and will be remembered as a memorable moment for such an event!

Since LASER GAME believes it is your day, it is your moment so it is you who will choose to make it unforgettable.

So are you to ready for a PARTY filled with crazy fun and healthy competition starting from Rs. 210 /- onwards.

Of course with the most thrilling International Barney Stinson’s Favourite Game “Laser Game” with some more exciting add-ons such as Exclusive Private Salon, Mouth watering food and drinks, Special Décor, Specialised Cake,  Ultimate Gaming Consoles such as PS3 and Foosball and much more…

Come on visit us now to get your “very own” Exclusive Bachelor Party Package customised OR

Call 9899510116 /8373996900 / 011 40 55 07 05 OR E-mail booking@lasergame.in us to help you design for your Big Day.

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