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What is Laser Game?

An Hi – Tech combination of Hide and Seek and paintball, Laser Game is played suited up in high tech jackets with laser guns

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Birthday Party

Fun Filled party with unlimited drinks, tempting food, Private salon and of course unlimited laser games.

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Corporate Events

WOW!! what an amazing Team Building experience with action packed laser games, delectable food and drinks… the motivation has been just accelerated.

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An exposure to the redefined International gaming experience brought to the city with the First Laser Game Arena: LASER GAME has come to life!

LASER GAME is an amazing High Tech combination of laser tag and Hide & Seek… played with the world’s most advanced laser tag equipment brought straight from Canada to provide the lovers of Laser Game the pure luxury of ultimate adventure gaming in India.

Playing Laser Game the battle field becomes an exciting strategic playground: Video games come to life and you become its character. Up to 14 players are suited with high tech jackets and laser guns and battle out in an incredible state-of-the-art labyrinth, targeting each other electronic sensors and scoring as many points as possible.

Laser Game, is an exciting action packed indoor Laser adventure game without the pain of Paintball that will leave you wanting more: played in a voluminous blacken arena with luminescent lighting, beclouded with fog and elevated heart pounding music.

So ready to battle out the International Barney Stinsons’s Way? How I Met Your Mother favorite laser tag game becomes yours, the question is, will you dare to play?



LASER GAMEis a great venue for corporate events, and Team Building Experiences, and most importantly since it is gender and age neutral, and you don’t need to be an athlete to play!

Brings your team for a fun filled evening filled with fun and group learning Program by just daring to play !

No matter what event you opt for, our venue involves strategy, teamwork and even the skeptical will rave about the fun!

So Have ever heard of Laser Game? LASER GAME is perfect for corporate and Team Building Activities, offering a challenging yet fun filled amazing atmosphere to chill while experiencing the four pillars of Team Building: Communication, Cooperation, Trust and Fun at LASER GAME.


Birthday Parties at LASER GAME are filled with action with Non-Stop Fun !

Birthdays are never forgotten, and a special moment we’d want to share fond memories of with our loved ones and close friends, At LASER GAME, We too value your day.

At LASER GAME Since LASER GAME believes it is your day, it is your moment so it is you who will choose to make it unforgettable.

“Whether you are turning 7 or 107, every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new” so why not DARE TO PLAY this time?


Irritated with overcrowded pubs, boring venues..?

Why not get involved in some action packed healthy competition to celebrate the youth in you…

Brought to the city straight from Canada to offer you a moment of craziness,healthy competition, fun and frolic..

Be it a Youth gathering, Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party LASER GAME is the ultimate end of Unlimited fun…So are you looking for a fun activity or fun games to celebrate your moment in Delhi? LASER GAMEwill definitely fulfill your expectations! Playing Laser Game between friends is unforgettable fun and will be remembered as a memorable moment for such an event!

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